Purchase fresh produce and enjoy live music at Knox United Church’s Fresh Food Market on Saturday, February 28, 2014 from 11am - 2pm.

The food is sold at cost!

A Facebook comment by an ardent fan led to a spontaneous declaration! Not sure how long the food will last, but mark your calendars to try out Casa Burrito.

Friday, Feb 28 will be legendary

All You can Eat Tacos $12
Beers: $4
Sangria: $4
From 4pm until 11pm. 

- All of our tacos are GLUTEN FREE (except for fish tacos)
- We can Veganize your tacos
- Everything at Casa Burrito is made freshly every day

Anonymous said: Do you know where I can get the Indian dish Aloo Palak in Winnipeg?

I’m sorry, I do not. Readers?

This just in from reader the bearsupthere:

Try East India Co. for Aloo Palak, just because it isn’t on the menu, doesn’t mean you couldn’t order it.

It is essentially Palak Paneer, but without the cheese and with potatoes.

Until July 27, 2012

Menus under $10

We want you to venture out and try some new restaurants downtown on your lunch hour. Peggy has arranged that a special price or meal will be available during the Let’s Do Lunch Downtown promotion to sweeten the deal. Take a look at the list of restaurants taking part from July 2 - 27.

July 1-31, 2012

3-course meals for $36

During the entire month of July, these Winnipeg restaurants invite you to experience UNFORGETTABLE 3-course meals for only $36.

Whether you live in the city or will be visiting Winnipeg in July, check out these delicious menus from some of the city’s best restaurants, and set out to savour Winnipeg… one bite at a time!


(via New eats on our streets: Bold new era in mobile-food sector in city)
Tip: $10 Canada Day special at Dhoom!

Dhoom Restaurant and Lounge
141 Donald Street
(204) 633-4666

My friend Carlee swears by this place!

Tip: Farmers’ Markets in and around Winnipeg


Wellness Institute Farmers’ Market (11 AM - 5 PM)
July 17 to mid-September 

FortWhyte Alive Centre Farmers’ Market (1-6 PM)
Mid-July to October 2 

Wolseley Farmers’ Market - R.A. Steen Community Centre (4-8 PM)
Until November 1 

  • Jonathan’s Farm and Community Supported Agriculture
  • and other vendors


St. Norbert Farmers’ Market (12-6 PM)
Until September 26


Health Sciences Centre Farmers’ Market - Pearl Street @ McDermot Avenue (10 AM - 5 PM)
July 5 to October 4 

Transcona Biz Market Garden - 131 Victoria Avenue West (11 AM - 3 PM)
July 5 to September 13 

Gas Station Village Market - Osborne Street @ River Avenue (4-8 PM)
Until September 20

  • Nature’s Farm
  • Food Ethos Farm
  • Pure Food Farm
Wolseley Farmers’ Market - R.A. Steen Community Centre (4-8 PM)
Until November 1 


Main Street Farmers’ Market - Main Street @ Euclid Avenue (2-7 PM)
June 29 to September 14 

River Heights Farmers’ Market - River Heights Community Centre (1-6 PM)
July 6 to September 28 


WKMCC Urban Farmers’ Market - 346 Perth Avenue (8 AM - 1 PM)
June 30 to September 1 

St. Norbert Farmers’ Market (8 AM - 3 PM)
Until October 27

  • Di Santo Foods
  • Graham’s Groves
  • Just the Best
  • Linda & Chris Coombs
  • Mum’s Country Bakery
  • The Bread Lady
  • Almost Urban Vegetables
  • D & M Vegetable Growers
  • John Boy Farms
  • Mayfair Farm
  • Miinan
  • Moroz Greenhouses
  • Paseschinikoff’s
  • Reimer Gardens
  • Scott & Kim Friesen
  • Stonelane Orchard & Market Garden
  • Strawberry Lane
  • Wenkai Oriental Vegetables
  • Wiens Shared Farm
  • Funk’s Meats
  • Seine River Shepherds
  • Silver Bridge Farm
  • Spenst Brothers Premium Meats
  • Storsley Bison Ranch
  • www.manitobabeef.com
  • Elisabeth Laing
  • John Mirau
  • Phil’s Honey
  • Sara’s Crafts
  • Scott’s Hill Apiary
Pineridge Hollow Farmers’ Market (9 AM - 1 PM)
June 30 to September 15 

Red River Ex Farmers’ Market - 3977 Portage Avenue @ Perimeter Highway (9 AM - 2 PM)
July 21 to September 22

The Soko Summer Market - Canad Inns Stadium (10 AM - 6 PM)
June 23 to September 
  • Little Red Barn
  • and other vendors


The Forks Market (11 AM - 4 PM)
Until September 30 

The Soko Summer Market - Canad Inns Stadium (11 AM - 5 PM)

June 23 to September

For a comprehensive list of farmers’ markets, market stands, U-pick farms, and community supported agriculture farms in Manitoba: http://www.gov.mb.ca/agriculture/food/upick/farm_mkt_web.pdf

For more information about Winnipeg’s farmers’ markets: http://fmam.ca/

Tip: Pirate Party @ Prairie Ink Restaurant - Father’s Day event

Saturday, June 9, 2012 @ 9:30 AM

Tickets: $15; must be purchased in advance

Pirate Party
June 9, 9:30 am in Prairie Ink Restaurant
Tickets are $15 
They must be purchased in advance at Prairie Ink or by calling 975-2659.
What do pirates eat for breakfast? 
Kids, bring your dads, bring your grandpas to our annual Father Child Pirate Party!! 
There will be pirate pancakes and plenty of fun!
Stories, crafts and a chance to meet the famous pirate Captain J. Roger. 
Dress like a pirate. 
Talk like a pirate. 
Party like a pirate. 
Tip: Wolseley Farmers’ Market

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-8 PM starting June 19, 2012 - in the courtyard at R.A. Steen Community Centre

“The Wolseley Farmer’s Market is a first-time venture for the area and is set up in conjunction with Jonathan Steven’s Community Supported Agriculture drop-off program. Every week Jonathan will be driving in from the Interlake to drop off fresh produce boxes to his share members. These share members will hopefully make up a large portion of the market attendees as he will have well over 150 shares this season.

The market’s initiation date is set for June 19th and will run well into October, and potentially throughout the fall and winter, depending on interest from the community and from vendors. The market will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-8pm at the R.A. Steen Community Center, outside in the courtyard.

We hope to have a wide variety of vendors and have space for 12 tables. There has been interest from a wide range of local producers and we hope to have a solid base of vendors for produce, meat, honey, and bread. Our priority for the market is to support the local community and therefore we are making local businesses and producers a priority. We are also excited about home-based businesses run by individuals in the area to premier their products at the market.

So far the list of interested vendors include folks who make pottery, glass jewelery, body products, grow produce, grass-fed beef, and make freshly squeezed juices and teas. We are still looking for people who are passionate about baking, and preparing fresh on-the-spot snacks (as well as a host of other goods!).

The final components of the market are vital to making this a successful weekly community event: Workshops and Musicians. We have had lots of enthusiasm from skilled people who are willing to share their talents with the community through a presentation or hands-on skill-shares. This has included bike repair, herbalism, bee-keeping, and fruit drying. We are looking for more!

Lastly, music will be a great way to showcase local Winnipeg talent, while providing a great, relaxed atmosphere at the market! If you are interested, or know of musicians looking for a venue, please pass this information along.

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